Digital Transformation

A customer-centric focus and a change in business models are the primary driving forces behind an intuitive and agile journey towards digitization. Enterprises can take advantage of digital transformation initiatives to improve decision-making, boost employee morale, raise productivity, and create innovative ideas. With Kyyba Tech, you will be able to accomplish digital transformation in a holistic way, through audits, consulting, and design engineering.

We will provide you with a practical roadmap for your digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Audit & Analyze the existing tech infrastructure and provide recommendation

UX/UI Design

Creating impactful and Human Centered designs

Mobile and Web Application Development

Purpose-built applications to resolve unique business problems embracing open-source technologies.

Data Management

Transform data into valuable, actionable insights making better decisions.

Turnkey IOT System Engineering

Bridge the gap between people and devices together with our team of engineers, making the most out of IoT technology and influencing the global transformation.

End to end ML and AI Model Production

Realize the Power and Value of data with AI.

Augmented Reality

With our augmented reality solutions, the user sees the real world, but with information digitally overlaid.

Legacy Modernization

Modernization of legacy and outdated systems.

Why Kyyba Tech?

  • Design thinking led CX iterations by experts.
  • Customer centric solutions with technology and domain thought leadership.
  • Low code development platform to accelerate omni channel app development.
  • Exclusive partnership with niche UI frameworks and tools for immersive User experience delivery.
  • Plug and play components for micro services integration.
  • Transform digital experience, modernize the operational process, and mobilize business.