There are generally four areas that see the greatest amount of strain in the yard for Yard Admins

  • Inventory management and difficulty locating equipment in the yard.
  • Sky-high operational costs, including dwell and detention fees.
  • Expensive overtime labor.
  • Depending on manual operations.
  • Kyyba designed an app for handhelds that works with beacon hardware to handle the challenges mentioned above.
  • Yard admins will be able to search for specific cars using search filters and map beacons to specific vehicles.
  • The app allows customers to download, search for a vehicle using filters such as make and model, and narrow down their search by choosing the trim and color.
  • After locating the required vehicle in the results, pick it up and transport it to the Yard.


  • Bluetooth enabled IoT solution for contactless car purchase.
  • Intuitive mobile app for dealers and clients.
  • Device management and configuration as a service.
  • Integration with car buying interfaces