Legacy Modernization

Investing in the modernization of legacy IT platforms is key to fostering innovation, increasing customer satisfaction, improving reliability, and staying competitive.

Let your legacy applications not become a hindrance to critical business functions. You can count on us for modernizing your age-old applications so that they are ready for the future by:

  • Minimizing disruption
  • Expertise in multiple domains
  • A Focus on results-driven solutions
  • Enhanced efficiency in operations

Regardless of your needs or requirements, Kyyba Tech can offer custom-tailored legacy platform and application modernization solutions that help your transformation.

Our approach to legacy modernization typically involves three approaches, and we use a variety of tools to speed up development and testing of modernization initiatives.

Kyyba Tech Legacy Modernization Services transforming businesses into digital organizations include:

  • Application Modernization Services – Application lift & shift, API based connectivity, UX/UI Redesign and Decommission services.
  • Cloud Migration Services – Cost effective cloud migration solutions tailor made for scalability and availability.
  • Data Modernization – Contemporary data architectures with adequate security providing real time insights and effective decision making

Why Kyyba Tech?

  • Skilled & experienced technical architects, developers and UX designers.
  • Increased Agility, development Velocity and efficiency to develop and re-engineer high-quality applications.
  • Focus on re-usability of business logic ensuring faster deployment and user adoption.
  • Expert consultancy and deep assessments for ‘cloud first’ transformation.
  • Time-tested legacy migration accelerators to optimize cost and minimize risks
  • Minimal Disruption migration
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs