Testing & Validation

Our services include software testing and quality assurance for AR/VR or digital solutions for AI/ML. Through a structured approach, tools, and techniques, we easily adapt to industry agility and work on complex QA requirements constantly.

In addition to having extensive experience in digital transformation, our quality assurance professionals are equipped with a long-term understanding of the challenges businesses face.

We have software testing specialists who will work with you to achieve maximum return on investment, no matter whether you need desktop, mobile, or next generation testing for your applications.

Kyyba Tech’s QA and Testing Approach

Kyyba Tech supports shift-left testing by leveraging our IPs, checklists, templates, and processes, along with a large repository of reusable test scenarios/test cases across multiple domains.

By aligning our approach with a customer's development plans or market demands, we can increase time to market. We can fast-track the ramp-up time for teams and also accelerate testing cycles with shorter time to ramp up teams.

Functional Testing:

In addition to ensuring that the software conforms to the requirements specification, we also perform outsourced functional testing. Function testing is primarily focused on user interfaces, databases, security, APIs, client or server applications, and similar functionalities by our experienced quality assurance professionals.

Performance Testing

Under an expected workload, our process-oriented performance testing ensures the smooth performance of your application. Under load and stress, we execute quality checks and conduct analysis of the behavior of the software under our extensive experience in performance testing.

Test Automation:

At KyybaTech, we can help you get the maximum return on investment from Test automation services so you can speed up product releases. Taking advantage of the powerful automation testing strategy and different automation tools available on the market is imperative in the world of continuous integration and continuous releases.

Security Testing:

A crucial part of security testing is identifying the weaknesses in your system in order to protect your assets like data, resources, applications, etc. from threats or risks. Our expertise enables our customers to fully utilize their resources as we provide comprehensive testing services, including security scanning, pen testing, ethical hacking, and risk assessment and authentication.

Why Kyyba Tech?

  • Dedicated Testing Vertical and COE.
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence for testing the Quality of your enterprise applications.
  • Blended manual and tool-based assessment approach for thorough analysis of results, detailed reporting, and actionable remediation guidance.
  • IoT Testing for seamless performance and functionality of your intelligent products.
  • RPA testing for Business Processes to reduce cost of Quality and improve productivity & cycle time.
  • Experienced in agile engagements with methodologies such as behavior-driven development (BDD), test-driven development (TDD), and acceptance test driven development (ATDD)